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Who we are

We are small company specialized in marine engineering.

Long experience gained from the seas gives us an excellent position to provide a support for companies in the field of marine engineering.

We understand very well the technical problems on board the vessels and the nature of the vessel’s operation in the challenging marine industry’s world.

We focus on solving the ...

Our Services

  • Technical Advising

    When you have a problem and you develop in-house solution it is always a good idea to consult the ad...

  • Design of Tools

    There is a constant need to manufacture special tools. Some of them are built on board the vessel wi...

  • Safety Equipment

    The small ideas to promote the safety on board should be collected, inspected and template by respon...

  • Software Development

    It hard to imagine today’s world without computers and its software. The same apply to modern vess...

Why We Are The Best

In marine engineering world there is big number of engineering companies. What make a difference is the sea experience. Not all ideas are suitable for marine harsh environment.

Years of sea experience

  • During so many years at sea it become natural to look at engineering problems from perspective of the vessel and the vessel is the place where technology must work.


We do understand marine engineers and theirs problems

  • Starting from vessel’s operation problems ending with the equipment failures each marine engineer must face a large number of problems every day. We know this problems from own experience and this make us different.