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MAW Consulting is on the move

Last year was the year of many decisions. Some of them were smaller, operational type, but there was also a big one. MAW Consulting is leaving Poland and is on the way to a new location in Switzerland. It will take a while to settle the business in a completely new environment, but I hope our customers and
business partners will welcome this decision.

Getting ready

Getting ready for another assignment.

Just another morning with nice view. Shopping always brings nice views regardless of the work which must be done.

Small upgrade

Continuous learning and development keeps me sharp and updated with the newest information and methods.

Just received results of my latest investment. Not even framed yet.

Technology presentation

Today was an interesting meeting on which some of my technology was presented. It appeared to be intensive and very promising.

Hopefully, we will come into agreements and I’ll leave my footprint on modern and advanced marine technology.

Getting ready for new assigment

While the preparation for new assignment is not really challenging, one must spare a moment when it comes to the vessel on anchorage.

It becomes more critical when the anchorage to visit is on the other side of the globe.

There is always the same issue: the balance between the necessary equipment to carry and specific task requirements.

The safety cannot be compromised so safety gears take most of the luggage space not talking about the tools of the trade.

Regardless of all the efforts, we are still excited to visit the shuttle tanker in Brazilians waters where MAW Consulting will perform the installation’s commissioning and operators’ training.

It is very interesting to see how the Blending-On-Board systems, designed by Maersk, are attracting new customers.

Anyone who is interested in such technology can reach us via email:

Ps. It is always good to check again the stowaways in the suitcase.

On the way

MAW Consulting has been requested to perform a ISO9001:2015 quality audit as an external party.

Shipping is not isolated activity, the industry depends on large network of shore based services and suppliers.

It’s an excited experience to probe shore companies, on which shipping depend on, by applying widely recognised standards.

On the way for the assignment it’s been time to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Project management, is it really needed?

Here in MAW Consulting, as in many companies, we like things to be sorted, accounted and controlled.

Unfortunately, in a dynamic business environment, it is not always easy to achieve. A business-as-usual model is, in many cases, a utopian idea which can cost a whole business, in extreme situations.

More and more companies realise that they need to adapt to changes what is in opposition to business-as-usual approach.

Usually, the adaptation is not cheap and it is not only about the money. The real price is a time and resources spent on that adaptation, assuming that it has been successful.

Every manager will start asking himself what could be done to keep the change under control. So here comes a project and its management. The structured approach to change and other activities which don’t fit business-as-usual model.

When you look into own activities, even personal, you may notice that it is a large number of small projects.

You don’t have to relocate your entire company, what we have recently done, to find the project management convenient, useful and cost saving.

The effect of non-controlled projects is seen on every corner. Very often you can hear, especially in public domain, that some project costed more money than it has been predicted. How many times, you have seen roadwork, for example, being so delayed that it seems to be irrational, or in some occasions, the quality was a way below expectations?

That were the projects which were poorly managed or not managed at all. Now ask yourself if the project management is really needed?

As not all business must have a project manager in-house, but most of them still need to manage the projects. MAW Consulting has been working on many projects what resulted in good working experience.

Getting ready for Hamburg

Hamburg is well known from merchant shipping and shipowners.

Anyone who have interest in shipping should have that beautiful city on the business radar.

MAW consulting is getting ready for the trip to Hamburg.

Hopefully, this trip will be more successful comparing to last one.

It’s always good visit that city and I’m looking forward to that trip.

Practice and theory

After years of using SolidWorks software, the time has come to get theoretical training. Well, it cannot be said that’s theoretical only as most of exercises were based on some practical examples, but for me it was rather the theory. It wasn’t an easy road, mostly due to lack of time to spend and unpredictable travelling patterns, but here we go a formal training confirmation.

I shoul, at this point, advertise a new service, but, well, some other time maybe as my clients knows it already.

It’s hard to leave a good meeting…

On my way back from visiting client a plane has experienced some minor failure. Based on procedures, pilots were forced to lan on nearest airport. No one would even notice course alteration without announcement. Altitude has been gently reduced in the course of preparation to landing in departure airport.

After landing for repair, I have texted my colleague that I’m back so we can talk a bit more.

So concluding, it’s hard to leave a good meeting as, no matter how good it was, there are always many other things to discuss once you are in good relation with your client.

Business consultancy 

During a very successful trip to Copenhagen MAW Consulting performed business consulting apart from the technical one. Our PPF presentation series crafted for  our customers’ needs were well welcomed.

The technical “P” (product) presentation provided a new look into future products which will revolutionise the shipping industry.

Both business “P” (promotion) and “F” (future) presentations gave an important input to core business of client.

And as usual, something for myself only, a walk in the heart of Copenhagen.

Visiting clients

A bit of recreation after whole day of meetings with existing and potential clients. New opportunities for firm emerge on horizon. That relaxing walk helped to clear mind and gave a chance for reflection.

Engineering history.

A bit of engineering history in the centre of old #Gdansk City, and I’m not referring to the most viewed historical monuments.When visiting this very old town, a good observer with a bit of engineer’s heart may find a very first polish marine diesel engine.

The engine was originally fitted on Danish merchant ship which was bought by Polish shipping company. Now the engine is removed and exposed for public in Gdansk.

Art at workplace

Kids decided to decorate my workplace’s area. Results were extraordinary and changed the place not only visually. Each time I pass the entry it chears me up and makes me smile. That’s a really a great start of working day and good prove that simple things can change one’s mood.

Offshore operation.

Visiting the vessel on her route it’s interesting experience especially when she stops only for short time.
All stores, supplies , crew change and services come at one time and keep whole ship’s crew busy.
This time I was lucky, because engine crew was focused on the training I was provided.

Place to work…

I might be a dream place for vacation, the sun is guaranteed, nice beaches, plenty shops and restaurants, but it’s terrible place for work, especially when one has to stay outside. There is no shadow with sun straight above you. 40 Celsius degrees with 30% RH makes you feel like being in the oven, and there is not much colder at night.

Every time being in Dubai makes me thinking about humans adaptation to extreme and harsh environment.

There is one advantage here though, your tee outside never really gets cold.

Visiting Customer in China

Recent assignment brought MAW Consulting to China.

Visiting the vessel in dry dock is always a challenge due to large amount of works carried around.

Meeting with shipowners of large Chinese company was an interesting expierience.

Shipping never sleeps

A few days before Christmas the new client made his mind for our services. Despite all travel inconvenience, it is nice to be back to Antwerp.

Michal Wilkolek