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Software Development

It hard to imagine today’s world without computers and its software. The same apply to modern vessels. Many companies developed in-house software to keep track of maintenance and spare parts on theirs vessels but there is still a big gap in the engineering field. So many times the engineers are calculating parameters manually spending the time in not efficient way. The simple engineering calculating software can save the time and standardise procedures.

Safety Equipment

The small ideas to promote the safety on board should be collected, inspected and template by responsible personnel in the office. When there is need to improve the safety of the crew, vessel or cargo it is wise to use all possibilities to avoid design flaws. The computer simulations used during design can be found very effective and efficient way to improve safety on board.

Design of Tools

There is a constant need to manufacture special tools. Some of them are built on board the vessel without strength consideration. The tools like that are usually oversized just make sure that they will be strong enough. The big number of very good special tools are only available on a few vessels because the idea is not published even inside the same company. By designing the tools in 3D designing software you are saving money and time cutting down the test phase. The drawings can be easily distributed between the vessels or to the external workshop for manufacture. The 3D model of the tools can be distributed inside the office for approval where it can be seen from different sides.

Technical Advising

When you have a problem and you develop in-house solution it is always a good idea to consult the additional marine engineer.

It can bring new light for the case or help to identify the project flaws. We do provide discreetness for our customers and theirs project.