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Project management, is it really needed?

Here in MAW Consulting, as in many companies, we like things to be sorted, accounted and controlled.

Unfortunately, in a dynamic business environment, it is not always easy to achieve. A business-as-usual model is, in many cases, a utopian idea which can cost a whole business, in extreme situations.

More and more companies realise that they need to adapt to changes what is in opposition to business-as-usual approach.

Usually, the adaptation is not cheap and it is not only about the money. The real price is a time and resources spent on that adaptation, assuming that it has been successful.

Every manager will start asking himself what could be done to keep the change under control. So here comes a project and its management. The structured approach to change and other activities which don’t fit business-as-usual model.

When you look into own activities, even personal, you may notice that it is a large number of small projects.

You don’t have to relocate your entire company, what we have recently done, to find the project management convenient, useful and cost saving.

The effect of non-controlled projects is seen on every corner. Very often you can hear, especially in public domain, that some project costed more money than it has been predicted. How many times, you have seen roadwork, for example, being so delayed that it seems to be irrational, or in some occasions, the quality was a way below expectations?

That were the projects which were poorly managed or not managed at all. Now ask yourself if the project management is really needed?

As not all business must have a project manager in-house, but most of them still need to manage the projects. MAW Consulting has been working on many projects what resulted in good working experience.